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Kansas State Firefighters Association

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The purpose of the Kansas State Firefighters Association (KSFFA) shall be the fostering and encouragement of a high degree of firefighting skill and efficiency, the education and study of fire prevention and fire extinguishment, the cultivation of friendship and fellowship, and to work for any cause advantageous to the firefighters of the State of Kansas.

The Kansas State Firefighters Association was established in 1887 and has continued to be a local fire department's best and most reliable resource for establishing and maintaining safety, professionalism and preparedness. Through services provided by the Association, member departments are enabled to provide a high degree of skill and efficiency in the emergency response services they provide in the communities in Kansas.

The Association encourages the continued education of firefighters so they may perform with the latest knowledge, techniques and safety practices. The KSFFA works to promote unity in the fire service with the knowledge that an informed and united fire service can be powerful and successful in their endeavors.

The KSFFA today stands stronger than ever in commitment, in membership and in dedication.

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