Controlled burn gets out of control near Hedville

Photo by Tom Dorsey
Photo by Tom Dorsey

By Tim Horan
Salina Journal – March 15, 2017


Firefighters from two Saline County rural fire districts and the tanker from Rolling Hills Zoo were getting a grass fire under control late Tuesday afternoon.


The fire, a controlled burn that was called in just before 9 a.m., was burning out of control near Interstate Highway 70 and Muir Road until after 4 p.m., said Emergency Management Deputy Director Bernie Botson.


There were no reports of damage to structures or injuries, he said.


Saline County was allowing controlled burns Tuesday and about a dozen burn permits were issued. Botson said that after Rural Fire District No. 3 and Rural Fire District No. 7 firefighters were called out to the fire near I-70, controlled burns were not allowed.


“Once they get back in, we’ll allow for controlled burns again,” Botson said.


Botson wasn’t sure how many acres burned.


He advised caution. The fire that got out of control was being watched by 12 people.


“It’s dry and the fuel load (amount of grass) is ridiculous,” he said.