RV, mobile home damaged by fire

KWCH – March 20, 2017


Wichita - An RV and a mobile home were damaged by a fire Friday night.


It happened in the 3200 block of south Clifton.


The RV was totally engulfed when crews arrived and power lines in the area were down. A fire chief on scene said the fight was challenging because crews could not put lines on the live wires and had to wait for Westar Energy to cut power to the power lines.


The RV was next to a mobile home, which was also damaged by the fire.


One man was in the RV at the time the fire broke out. A woman was in the mobile home. The woman who was in the home said she was letting a friend stay in her RV and that he ran away. She does not know how the fire started.


The fire destroyed the RV. The mobile home was badly damaged.


Crews are still investigating the cause of the fire.