Small fire near Lake Shawnee Yacht Club

By Vanessa Alonso
KSNT – March 21, 2017


Crews responded to Lake Shawnee for a minor fire Monday evening.


Shawnee County Park Police told KSNT that an individual saw a white car leave the dock area near the Lake Shawnee Yacht Club around 6 p.m.when they saw smoke and called in.


Shawnee Heights Fire Department came out to get the fire out.


Only few Wooden parts of the dock got on Fire. The actual yacht club and its shelter was not harmed or damaged.


The stairway to dock area has been closed off for safety reasons.


Crews are not sure if white car had any involvement. They said it could have have been a cigarette thrown out to the dry grassy area and the breezy conditions caused the small fire to spark.