Galena Fire Department enlists in the help of Smokey the Bear

By Jeremiah Cook
Four States News – March 23, 2017




A sign featuring Smokey the Bear has been placed in front of the Galena Fire Department to warn those passing about the daily fire danger level.




Fire Chief Bill Hall says after seeing what happened in Central and Western Kansas earlier this year, it's important for everyone to take the threat of a wildfire seriously. And, he says this sign is designed to help accomplish that goal by getting your attention as you drive by.




"To make them stop and think, and then if they want to call the fire station for further advice," Hall explained. "Most people are intelligent enough to know the fire dangers, so we don't worry about normal people; it's the people who set fires and then leave that we worry about."




Hall says the sign will be updated daily with information gathered from the National Weather Service and local news.