KSFFA Honorary Member Announcement

January 2013


To all members of the Kansas State Firefighters' Association.


Fellow members, it is with great pleasure I announce the creation of a simple webpage to forever document those among us that we have identified as worthy of Honorary Member status with the KSFFA. Also, an application process is being instituted to nominate deserving individuals. Our KSFFA Constitution and By-Laws direct us under Article III, Section 4 as follows---


"The Executive Board of the Association may recognize any individual who has made significant contribution to achieving the goal of the association by naming such individuals as an honorary member of the Association. Honorary members may attend the Association conference as guests and will receive the newsletter."


Our Association has, from time to time, so honored individuals at our annual conferences or other meetings. We have had no means of recording some of the honorees as the actions were taken at a time without a true recording of proceedings. Without a formal documented process, our history is in jeopardy of being lost forever.


On our website, www.ksffa.com, you will find the application form and I encourage anyone to please nominate those who have made our great Association what it is today. Those names will be forwarded to the Suggestions Committee at our next conference and ultimately brought to the floor for approval by the membership. After approval from the membership, the Honorees will be a part of the recorded history of our Association and their names will be placed on the webpage for all to see.


I thank you for your assistance in this endeavor to properly recognize our true KSFFA heroes.