Kansas State Fallen Firefighter's Memorial

To all Kansas firefighters:

The Kansas Firefighters Memorial Advisory Committee is in the process of raising funds to build a memorial to honor Kansas’ firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty in Kansas. Kansas Senate Bill 71, which created the memorial, states that the memorial will be built on the State Capitol grounds in Topeka.

Mr. Ben Victor, the artist selected by the committee, has created a design titled ‘Holding the Line’ for the memorial that is three firefighters in full turnout gear holding a charged line. Currently there is a twenty four inch maquette of the design that the committee is using at various fire related events across Kansas to educate the fire service community on our fundraising efforts and also to enable people to see what the design for the memorial looks like.

So, where do you as a Kansas firefighter fit in to all this?

The cost for the artwork/site preparation for the firefighter’s memorial is approximately $500,000. In order to raise the funds necessary to build the memorial the committee has been selling challenge coins for $15.00. The coins have a detailed picture of the design on one side and a red maltese cross on the other side. These challenge coins make great gifts for firefighters and all other special people in your life! The coins can be purchased from the Kansas Fire Chief’s Association website or the KSFFA website. They can also be purchased from any Memorial Advisory Committee member.

Also, during a recent Advisory Committee meeting it was mentioned that if every Kansas firefighter donated $10.00 to the memorial fund then we would be well on our way to our fundraising goal.

That is where you fit in! The Advisory Committee members are respectfully asking every Kansas firefighter to consider donating to the Memorial Fund so we can get started on construction. The Committee is also asking that you spread the word to any other persons that you think might be interested in helping raise the necessary funds.

Questions can be directed to the Advisory Committee Chairperson, Chief Bob McLemore at (785) 460-4454, or Vice-Chairperson Rusty Vollentine at (785) 368-4153.

Donations can be mailed to:

Firefighters Memorial Fund
Attn: Eldred Wenger
KS Department of Administration, DFM
900 SW Jackson St., Room 600
Topeka, KS 66612

The members of the Advisory Committee—and the members of the fire service in Kansas would appreciate your support of this worthwhile project.