KSFFA Memorial Service Name Submittal Form

Submitting names for Memorial Service at Annual KSFFA/KSFFAA Conference

First THANK YOU! To everyone that sent me names, pictures and information for the memorial service. Please continue to send any of the following information concerning the death of a firefighter, retired, off duty, or in the line of duty.




Fire Department_____________________________________________________________________________________________________


Years OF SERVICE____________________________________________________________________________________________________


POSITION IN DEPARTMENT____________________________________________________________________________________________


DATE OF DEATH________________________________________________________________________________________________________


DATE OF BIRTH (if available)____________________________________________________________________________________________


If a picture of the deceased is available, and/or an address for the family, it would be very welcomed and used only for the memorial service and support the family. Again, thank you for any assistance you are able to offer.


My e-mail address is dapitts@turnkeymail.com and my mailing address is Donna Pittaway, Auxiliary Chaplain, 2206 S. 49th Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66106