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President's Message - OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2021

Hello Kansas Fire Service.  School has returned to session and the beginnings of a somewhat normal return to daily life has been happening.  While the pandemic is still in place, it seems that the end may be in sight on how to deal with it.      

I want to take a few minutes to remind everyone that with fall coming into full swing, it will be time to do some public education about heating device safety and fireplace safety.  We have been pretty fortunate over the last few winters to not have large extended cold spells.    It may be time to make sure our communities remember space heater safety and chimney cleaning safety to help reduce or minimize unintentional home fire risks.  It is also a good opportunity to begin some community interaction again.  This has been a sorely needed item over the last two years, and we can hopefully begin to return to normal activities.

On that note, October is Fire Prevention month.  This year’s theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety”.  While talking heating safety, it is a good time to remind the public about smoke detectors and placement or repair of them.  It also is a chance for us to learn ourselves and share information on home fire sprinklers and the newest technology that is available out there.  A good resource for this is the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.  There are many great FREE resources for public education on their website at www.homefiresprinkler.org .   Also if you need handouts for Fire Prevention week, some are accessible at www.nfpa.org or you can contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal or Kansas Forest Service for some materials.  Both state agencies have a limited amount of items for use by departments.  

As I am running behind on getting this article together, I will keep it short and brief.  A business item for the Association is that we will be looking to host the annual Legislative summit in December amongst all the fire and EMS groups of the state.  If your agency has some specific concerns you would like to see addressed, please forward those to an Executive Board member or other fire or ems agency representative to be brought up.  

The final item is that we are back to offering all regional schools.  We have had great attendance at the last few, and we look forward to seeing you at the various locations planned for 2022.  Watch the FIREWIRE and our Facebook page for more opportunity to get training around the state as KSFFA is working to partner with other groups to help bring quality hands on training to the state.   KFRTI and other organizations are looking for ways to expand their offerings, and we at KSFFA are looking to help bring that message to the masses.     

I wish you all a pleasant fall and look forward to seeing you at a regional school near you.  Remember that we are our brother’s keeper and we as department members should be working to keep each other safe each and every day on emergency calls.    Stay safe out there!

KSFFA Webmaster - Mary Napier

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