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President's Message - AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2021

Hello Kansas Fire Service.

Hopefully you have been having a good summer with your families.  It has been a rather busy summer season across the state.  Many agencies are catching up on fundraisers that were missed last year.  Others are getting back out into their communities and participating in events around their response areas.  IT has truly been a year to play catch up on those “normal” things we missed out on last year.   

Your Executive Board has been busy going out and participating in regional schools.  We had a bumpy start in April, but got back on track in May, June, and July with schools in Lucas, Labette County, Colby, and Seneca.  Just a reminder that you can request a fire school for 2022.  See more details here.  We will consider those applications at the August meeting and make a decision on them that month.  We would very much like to come see your agency.

Some sad news occurred as well in the last few months.  Long time KSFFA Board member Dale Perkins passed away in July.  He was a Battalion Chief at the Newton Fire Department as well as a long serving board member of the KSFFA Executive Board.  He served in every position except for President.  Another tragedy occurred in early July when Battalion Chief (Ret.) Dave Pittaway was struck by a motorist in Kansas City and later died of his injuries.   Dave was always a strong supporter of this Association and was deeply involved in the KCK FRA.  He was also very much a pillar in his local community with he and his family and their charitable work through their church.  Dave, and his wife Donna are long time attendees of the KSFFA Conferences.  Donna currently serves as the President of the Auxiliary.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved and know that your loved ones will truly be missed.     

I will keep this month’s message brief, but I want to make sure and remind all our responders to stay safe out there.  There are many unknowns right now as to how this fall and the coming flu season will progress.  There are many unknowns about the variants of Covid that are making their rounds.  It is tough to stay vigilant for such a long time, but to maintain our health and our families health, we need to be cautious about not letting our guard down on PPE use on calls and other risk reduction methods.  

I wish you all a pleasant upcoming fall and look forward to seeing you at a regional school near you.  Life has many seasons that we go through, let us find that happy season and get to enjoy it this fall.   Stay safe out there!

KSFFA Webmaster - Mary Napier

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