Fire and Emergency Services Orientation and Terminology

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#36644 Fire and Emergency Services Orientation & Terminology, 5th Edition

The new 5th edition manual describes the fire and emergency services as a career. It explains the various roles of fire and emergency services personnel by illustrating typical job and operation descriptions to provide insight into the inner workings of the fire and emergency services. It also covers such other topics as fire prevention, firefighter safety, public fire and life safety education, fire investigation, fire fighting apparatus, protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus, and common fire fighting tools and equipment. Meets FESHE objectives for Principles of Emergency Services curriculum. Also contains lengthy glossary of fire- and emergency-related terms.


#75021 Fire and Emergency Services Orientation & Terminology, 5th Edition - eBook

IFSTA full featured eBooks meet the needs of the fire and emergency responder who is fully connected and immersed in the capability of mobile devices to communicate, socialize, and learn.

IFSTA eBooks include features to enhance learning:

  • Downloadable for use while offline.
  • Fully searchable text.
  • Accessible from up to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices.
  • Bookmarked Table of Contents allows quick access to the content.
  • Print-fidelity ensures compatibility with the print version, and student support products.
  • Notes, highlights, and bookmarks are stored in the cloud for access on multiple devices.
  • Copy and print up to 20% of an IFSTA eBook.


#36713 Fire and Emergency Services Orientation & Terminology, 5th Edition - Instructor USB Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to follow the Fire and Emergency Services Orientation and Terminology 5th Edition manual. This curriculum package includes a lesson outline, digital PowerPoint® presentation, and chapter tests (with answers) for each manual chapter. Each lesson outline document outlines the instructional content for each manual chapter. It includes instructional information and discussion questions for instructors to use during the course. Digital presentations are created as support for the lesson outlines and to assist instructors in visualizing and explaining concepts. Test questions are developed from the lesson outline and are written in multiple choice format only. The amount of questions vary depending on the content of the chapter. All of the files on this flash drive may be viewed from the drive or copied to a computer hard drive. (It is necessary to copy the files in order to customize them.)