Hazardous Materials Technician

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#36885 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition

Technician Training in One NEW Text 

  • ALL Technician knowledge and skills for NFPA® 472, 2013 Edition
  • Advanced offensive operations
  • Initial Response to termination
  • NFPA® competencies correlated in each chapter
  • Complete instructor resources

This new IFSTA manual is the only book available that directly addresses all competencies for Hazardous Materials Technician according to NFPA® 472, Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents, 2013 Edition. It also meets Technician Level requirements in OSHA Title 29 CFR 1910.120 (HAZWOPER). The eBook and print format are available. Buy the eBook bundle for the best value.

All knowledge and skills responders must know, from incident analysis to termination is covered in depth. This includes haz mat chemistry; container identification, construction features and leak points; as well as product control and decontamination operations. Each chapter begins with a list of specific learning objectives and the correlating competency numbers in NFPA® 472. Competency numbers are indexed in Appendix A so students and instructors can identify the exact places in the text to locate the applicable content.

The first edition of Hazardous Materials Technician builds on Hazardous Materials for First Responders, 4th Edition, taking training to the next certification level. The first manual addresses training for Awareness and Operations response at hazardous materials incidents. This new manual is designed to prepare emergency responders to conduct advanced, offensive operations.

Case Histories open each chapter to illustrate important lessons learned in the real world. Pictures, tables, and graphics help students master important concepts. Each page is presented in easy-to-read single-column format. Key terms and definitions are highlighted, and Caution and Warning boxes pull out critical safety information. Skill Sheets at the end of each chapter provide step-by-step instructions for every competency.

The curriculum contains all components for a successful course, and all of these instructor resources are customizable.


#75089 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition - eBook

IFSTA full featured eBooks meet the needs of the fire and emergency responder who is fully connected and immersed in the capability of mobile devices to communicate, socialize, and learn.

IFSTA eBooks include features to enhance learning:

  • Downloadable for use while offline.
  • Fully searchable text.
  • Accessible from up to 2 computers and 2 mobile devices.
  • Bookmarked Table of Contents allows quick access to the content.
  • Print-fidelity ensures compatibility with the print version, and student support products.
  • Notes, highlights, and bookmarks are stored in the cloud for access on multiple devices.
  • Copy and print up to 20% of an IFSTA eBook.


#36886 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition - Study Guide

This Exam Prep is a supplement to the 1st edition of Hazardous Materials Technician manual. The questions are designed to help students remember information and to make them think. The guide contains 507 multiple choice questions. The answers, found in the back of the Exam Prep, are listed by chapter. Each answer is referenced to the Hazardous Materials Technician, First Edition manual page on which the answer can be found.


#36889 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition and Study Guide Package

  • Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition
  • Exam Prep (Print)


#36887 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition - USB Study Guide

This interactive, digital version of the print Exam Prep is designed as a self-study tool to allow students to review content on a chapter-by-chapter basis with the intent to prepare for comprehensive assessments like certification or promotional exams. However, it is much more than a replica of the print version. The Exam Prep Flash Drive is a Windows based application that includes the same 507 questions in the print version. The questions are divided both by firefighter level and chapter. The flash drive allows the user to select all the questions for a particular chapter or to select a subset of questions based upon a page range that the user selects. If a subset is selected, the user can then limit the questions to a particular part of a chapter. The questions are automatically graded, and the program tracks correct and incorrect responses for the user. Each question includes the page reference where the correct answer is located in Hazardous Materials Technician. After completing a section of questions in the Exam Prep, all incorrect responses are displayed so that the user can print a fully referenced custom study plan based upon areas in which they missed questions. The Exam Prep Flash Drive was formerly referred to as the Self-Study Guide Flash Drive.

Requires a Microsoft®-supported version of Windows® and the Adobe® Flash® Player, which is available as a free download.


#36890 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition and USB Study Guide Package

This package includes:

  • Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition
  • Exam Prep on USB Flash Drive

Requires a Microsoft-supported version of Windows and the Adobe Flash Player, which is available as a free download.


#36888 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition - USB Curriculum

The Hazardous Materials Technician Curriculum builds upon the excellence of IFSTA instructional materials. Instructors know they can count on IFSTA to provide accurate, customizable, and complete curriculum. In addition, they have come to expect that IFSTA curriculum is up-to-date and will meet their training needs and those of their organizations. The Hazardous Materials Technician Curriculum meets and surpasses these customer expectations. The curriculum design is based on current research that provides for the most effective instructional design for adult training classrooms. This design also incorporates the requirements of NFPA® 1041, Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications. As a result, instructors can be confident that using the Hazardous Materials Technician Curriculum helps them to meet their professional requirements as well. All the tools an instructor needs to deliver a course with successful outcomes for today’s students are provided in this comprehensive package

The Hazardous Materials Technician Curriculum includes all classroom and assessment materials to teach a Hazardous Materials Technician course. The curriculum covers all 12 chapters of the Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition. The components are designed for use in both a traditional face-to-face and hybrid classroom environment.

Each lesson contains a detailed, simple-to-use instructor presentation outline in Microsoft Word® format. This format allows instructors to customize the files to conform to their own teaching preferences or local procedures if they so choose. Skill evaluation checklists and learning activities pertinent to the lessons are also provided. Customizable high-quality PowerPoint® presentations also accompany each lesson. The following components are available on a Flash Drive and ResourceOne.

  • Plan of Instruction and Syllabus templates
  • Chapter Lesson Outlines and PowerPoint® Presentation
  • Chapter Quizzes, Tests, and Answers
  • Test Generator
  • Chapter Workbook Answers
  • Learning Activities
  • Skills Evaluation Checklists
  • Using IFSTA Curriculum Instructor and Student videos
  • Templates, Tutorials, and Technical Support Information

Compatible Operating Systems

  • Windows XP or newer
  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer
  • The interactive PowerPoint® slides will not work on a Mac computer. This is a known issue with the Mac version of PowerPoint®.


#36891 Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition - Instructor Resource Kit - USB

IFSTA now offers high-quality teaching materials in all-inclusive kits and the ability to easily customize the curriculum at any time - all at an affordable price. This Instructor Resource Kit (IRK) provides easy storage and all the instructional materials needed throughout a course based on Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition. The IRK allows instructors to store all materials together in one easy location, and is designed to be useful for transporting the materials to locations out in the field.

The IRK includes:

  • Hazardous Materials Technician, 1st Edition manual (Print)
  • USB Flash Drive that includes Customizable Curriculum and Clip Art
  • Exam Prep (Print)